UNI-9850 DUAL-PRO™ Multifunction Al & Steel Complete Station


The UNI-9850 is a complete dent repair station for both PAINT ON and PAINT OFF repairs of damaged automotive panels. Competitive product offerings work on aluminum only. The UNI-9850 combination welder works on both steel and aluminum for making repairs with the Paint Off of the panel, and the industry-leading Glue Repair System can be used to make repairs to both steel and aluminum panels with the Paint On the panel. The UNI-9850 is actually a steel stud/tab welder and an aluminum stud welder in one unit (separate welding systems and cables in one package with no contamination concerns). In addition the system includes a new heavy duty glue pulling system.

The UNI-9850 Dent Repair Station provides an immediate return on a shop’s investment. As the shop’s aluminum repair business grows, it will have the technology and experience in place to even more effectively implement the aluminum repair features of the UNI-9850.

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UNI-9850 DUAL-PRO™ Multifunction Al & Steel Complete Station

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