HSW-6004 Professional 40A ½” Plasma (115-230VAC)


Professional digital inverter plasma cutter provides 20-40 amps of power to genuine cut ½” and sever cut to 1” on steel.

Features dual input voltage 115-230VAC, adjustable output 20-40 amps, air purge switch, adjustable air regulator/dryer with gauge

Digital display allows user to precisely set output power and shows working air pressure in PSI

Grid cutting feature allows machine to maintain flame power when in between consecutive cuts

Package includes inverter power supply, HSP40 plasma torch 12’, 200A earth clamp, 115-volt adapter plug, spare tips & electrodes and operator manual.

Input Power: 115-230VAC @ 20 Amps | Output Power: 40 Amps @ 50%

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HSW-6004 Professional 40A ½” Plasma (115-230VAC)

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