UNI-8100 Nitro-Weld System


Exclusive #1

A built-in compressor allows you to free yourself from bulky hoses and noisy shop bleed air while making the system completely PORTABLE and used anywhere!  The Nitro-Weld is also the most cost-efficient machine as the heated air runs during setup allowing for “on-demand” nitrogen use.

Exclusive #2

The nitrogen hot iron/staple torch offers contaminate-free nitrogen shielded repairs when reflowing or stapling.

This means no contamination or toxic smoke while stapling or reflowing plastic panels.

System features digital control with two torches for both air welding and hot staple/reflow functions. Unit runs on 115 volt power and features easy to use interface panel, alarm indicator for low/no gas pressure, adjustable welding temperature setting, power settings for both hot staple & hot melt/reflow, visual indicator nitrogen alert, and hot air mode for gas conservation.

Package includes nitrogen welder with both welding + hot staple/reflow torches, professional cart w/cylinder support, starter plastic and staple consumable kit, hand seamer, hot melt blades, aluminum tape, dual gauge regulator w/hose, 80CF nitrogen cylinder, and operator manual.

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UNI-8100 Nitro-Weld System

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