The Uni-Spotter 9000 Deluxe Stud Welder Kit is a superior stud welding kit for the professional body man who wants the best. The 9000 Deluxe has the most powerful transformer on the market and will keep operating efficiently in all kinds of high-demand situations such as multiple users or a low voltage source found on the end of a long extension cord.

The 9000 Deluxe features the Uni-Spotter exclusive Stud Ease Technology. Stud Ease holds the welding stud in the welder regardless of the direction the welder is pointed. No longer does the stud fall out of the welder when the welder is pointed in a downward direction. This design feature is exclusive to H&S Autoshot’s Uni-Spotter Stud Welders.

9190 Deluxe Welder: The 9190 welder is the most powerful stud welder on the market. It is 110volt and comes with a built in overload relay to protect the transformer form overheating. The trigger is mounted in the handle for easy operation. The 9190 Welder features “Stud Ease Technology”, exclusive to Uni-Spotter.

1001 Flexpert Welding Studs: The 1001 Flexpert Welding Studs are the most popular stud sold. They are 2.2 mm copper coated and have been specially designed for easy welding and easy removal after the pulling is complete. The shafts are strong yet flexible. This is the preferred stud for use with slide hammers.

1002 Heavy Weight Studs: The 1002 Heavy Weight Studs are designed for heavy pulling applications. They are 2.6 mm copper coated and have been designed for easy welding and easy removal after the pulling is complete. The shafts are strong yet flexible. This stud was designed to be used with the 1080 Uni-Clamp for making heavy structural pulls.

1003 Body Side Molding Rivets: The 1003 Body Side Molding Rivets are OEM style rivets designed to attach the body side molding clips. These rivets return the repaired panel to original OEM design and quality.

1004 Stud Welding tip: The 1004 stud welding tip can be used with all welding studs up to 2.6 mm in diameter. Designed with a Morse Taper for a positive fit with an easy removal.

1005 Molding Rivet Welding Tip: The 1005 Molding Rivet Tip is specially designed to hold 1003 Molding Rivets during welding. The tip has a built-in magnet that holds the rivet firmly for easy placement during welding. Designed with a Morse Taper for a positive fit with easy removal.

1007 Shrink Welding Tip: The 1007 shrink welding tip has been designed to be used when shrinking panels. The slightly convex design applies heat to the panel without burning. Great for use when shrinking panels in replacement of an oxy-acetylene torch. Designed with a Morse Taper for a positive fit with easy removal.

1016 Deluxe Slide Hammer: The 1016 Deluxe Slide Hammer has been designed with a 4-jaw collet which firmly grips the stud and does not let go till you release it. The “T” Handle gives the operator a comfortable ergonomic grip. The tapered head allows for tapping the panel close to the stud.

1045 Eliminator Side by Side Adapter with Stud Ease Technology: The 1045 Eliminator Side by Side Adapter has been designed to weld a series of studs close together, to be used with a 1080 Uni-Clamp or alternative multi-stud pulling device. Multiple studs welded close together increases the pull strength and size of the pull area. The Uni-Spotter exclusive “Stud Ease Technology” holds the stud into the 1045 Adapter. This allows the operator to weld in a downward direction without the stud falling out. The open design of the 1045 Adapter allows for more accurate placement of pulling studs.

1095 Mini Pull’r: The 1095 Mini Pull’r was designed with today’s lightweight panels in mind. The Posi-Cam locking system lets you quickly grip studs for hand pulling. The narrow design gives full view of the pulling area.

9129 Tool Box: 9029 Custom Molded Plastic Tool box provides secure storage for the 9000 Deluxe Welder Kit with a sturdy handle for carrying. The interior features a molded design to contain all of the accessories to prevent them from moving around when the kit is being transported.

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