UNI-1080 Uni-Clamp Stud Pulling Clamp


The 1080 Uni-Clamp has been designed to progressively pull heavy hits on structural repairs as well as lighter repairs such as creases on body panels.A series of up to 11 studs are welded closely together on a panel using the 1045 Eliminator Side by Side Adapter. Each stud takes up to 500 lbs. of pull.The Uni-Clamp is then tightened onto all of the studs and the pull is made. As the dent is removed, one section will always come out first. The screws securing the studs on that repaired area are loosened eliminating any more pulling on that area. By tightening and loosening the screws, the pull can be controlled to only pull on the low spots of the dent. The end result is a flat, even repair.

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UNI-1080 Uni-Clamp Stud Pulling Clamp

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