HSW-6422 Multi-Mig 200A Synergic AC/DC Welder


Weld ALL processes and ALL metals with the all new HSM200 PRO. Professional multimig synergic inverter welder provides 200 amps of power for MIG, TIG and Stick applications on either a 115 or 230 volt line. Welder features voltage, wire speed, amper-age and full Synergic scroll-down settings for steel, aluminum and silicone bronze on a 5” LCD display. AC TIG functions allow the user to TIG any metal with three waves forms for aluminum TIG welding. Spool gun selection switch, euro-connect flange for torch & spool gun and high-frequency start foot pedal connector are standard. Optional HSW-7020 aluminum spool gun is available.

   Input Power: 115-230VAC @ 25 Amps

   Output Power: 200 Amps @ 35%

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HSW-6422 Multi-Mig 200A Synergic AC/DC Welder

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