HSW-6420 Multi-Mig 200A Synergic DC Welder


Professional multimig synergic inverter welder provides 200 amps of power for MIG, TIG and Stick applications on either a 115 or 230 volt line. Welder features voltage, wire speed, amperage and full Synergic scroll-down settings for steel, aluminum and silicone bronze, on LCD display. Spool gun selection switch, euro-connect flange for torch & spool gun and lift-arc start foot pedal connector are standard. Standard package includes synergic inverter power supply, HSL15 torch 10’, 200A earth clamp 10’, HSM17 TIG torch 12.5’, 200A electrode holder 10’, foot pedal control 12.5’, gas regulator with hose, steel welding wire, AK-2 kit and operator manual. Optional aluminum spool gun is available.

Input Power: 115-230VAC @ 20 AmpsOutput Power: 200 Amps @ 35%

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HSW-6420 Multi-Mig 200A Synergic DC Welder

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