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Professional inverter plasma cutter provides 10-60 amps of power to genuine cut 3/4” and sever cut to 1-1/4” on steel. Features 230VAC input, adjustable output 10-60 amps, air purge switch, adjustable air regulator/dryer with gauge.

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HSW-6004 PLASMA CUTTER ½” (115-230VAC)

Professional digital inverter plasma cutter provides 20-40 amps of power to genuine cut ½” and sever cut to 1” on steel.

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UNI-8100 Nitro-Weld System

A built-in compressor allows you to free yourself from bulky hoses and noisy shop bleed air while making the system completely PORTABLE and used anywhere!  The Nitro-Weld is also the most cost-efficient machine as the heated air runs during setup allowing for “on-demand” nitrogen use.


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